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VRBO Supports Videos Now

Guest Blogger - Michael Luther

VRBO and Videos

Marketing and managing your vacation rental property alone can be frustrating and difficult when the platforms are constantly updating and changing. Many people struggle with showcasing their rental through pictures and descriptions. Luckily we're here to help. VRBO has recognized this and has given us an invaluable tool in the form of video uploads!

If you utilize this tool properly, you should see your property rankings jump. VRBO likes to reward hosts that make full use of all they have to offer, however they don't always make things clear. Lucky for all of you, I've spent countless minutes and cups of coffee in pursuit of making this easy for anyone. This isn't a tutorial, but the process is so simple that you won't need one. This is just a foundational outline telling you what you need and how to get started.

Just the Basics

The first thing you're going to need in order to upload a video to VRBO is, of course, a video. If you have the capability to hire a professional, that's where I would recommend you start as they take 95% of the hassle of of the whole process. If you can't or just plain don't want to, the other option is to do it yourself. In the video link that I have attached to the bottom of this blog you can see my end result.

Camera: Chances are if you have a phone these days, you also have a camera. And quite frankly, they're not half bad. These little phone cameras pack one heck of a punch. I shot the video below with a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 camera and it did a stellar job. If you're lucky, however and have access to a GoPro or something along those lines, then by all means choose that option.

YouTube: VRBO doesn't host the video, they only embed it to your page. So to get started you'll have to set up a YouTube account. Luckily, if you already have a Google or Gmail account that means you basically have a YouTube account. Once you have your video all ready to go, click the button on the top of the page that looks like a camera with a "+" in it. Then just follow the instructions.

Software: If that's as basic as you want your video to be, then you can stop there. But let's say you want to add music, or edit the video to include graphics or fancy effects. If you have deep pockets and a lot of free time to figure out the software, My first recommendation would be for Adobe Premiere. That is the Cadillac of video editing software on the pedestrian level and fairly highly regarded on the professional level as well. You probably want something a whole lot easier though. In that case I cannot recommend Filmora9 highly enough. It's as simple as dragging and dropping elements into the window and it basically does the rest for you. If you can navigate iTunes, you can figure out Filmora9.

It's a Wrap!

Then that's it! Once you have your fancy video showcase for your property you're ready to upload. In the "Edit Property" button on VRBO.com you should see the "Video" tab to the right. From there just copy the link from your YouTube video and let VRBO do the rest.

Video's are a great way to show off the personality of your vacation rental in a really special way. It's a great supplement to your rental's profile and an outstanding marketing tool on it's own. Hopefully this was a good introduction and was helpful in getting you started. You can click the links below to see our example videos for our Blue Magnolia suites. They were taken with no professional equipment and only use the Note9 Camera.

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