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Twenty-Twenty Vision on What's Trending for the New Year

The start of a new year is always an exciting time for an interior designer, let alone the start of a new DECADE! Welcoming the new year means saying “hello” to new colors and design trends and saying “goodbye” to many themes and ideas that have been slowly making their way out. It’s important for us, as designers, to stay on top of what is trending versus what’s not to ensure the success of our designs. After researching and learning about what’s going to be hot this year, I have compiled up a list of color palettes, the design focuses and interior trends that will be making an appearance OR a comeback with the start of the New Year.

Here’s the Twenty-Twenty Vision on what’s trending for the New Year:

Personalized Style and Unique Trends

For design, we have sort of been stuck in this idea that one-trend will fit all. You see it everywhere from one-size-fits-all clothing brands to 5-in-one shampoos to one-stop-shops where you could get anything you would ever want and more. We lack a sense of personality or character that used to hold so much charm in spaces. Luckily, we are headed back into a season where people want to feel an overwhelming sense of themselves in their surroundings. I’m not just talking about throwing up some family portraits and calling it “home”. Personal style that shows individuality and character will be a big trend that people will run with this year. People want to tell their stories and interior design in the upcoming year will embrace that.


Shifting into 2020, the sustainability fad will not be fading any time soon. People are making choices that are not only more eco-friendly but are also beneficial to their wallets. Designers are ditching the “I can buy this because it’s inexpensive and I’ll just replace it in a couple of years” mentality and adopting a mentality of investing in pieces that are more expensive but ultimately more durable. Durability and longevity are two ideas that will continue to trend as we become more conscious about our surrounding environment.

Color, color, and more color!

Whitewashing and monochromatic grey schemes are a thing of the past! Fall 2019, I was tasked in one of my interior design classes, Rendering for Interior, to look at the Sherwin Williams Color Forecast for 2020 and create spaces using the colors that would be introduced for the new year. While looking through the options, I was pleasantly surprised by how much color I saw being used in spaces. Two-toned kitchens, with neither tone consisting of white cabinetry, statement ceilings, and bold colors being introduced through furniture and staple design features such as fireplaces and alcove spaces. Particularly, warmer toned colors like terra cotta, olive green, and warm greys will be adopted and widely used in ways to provide comfort and grounding to nature.

Here is a link to the Color Forecast so you can see the 5 palette trends Sherwin Williams has added to their color library and get inspired!


Patterns are making a big comeback primarily through wallpaper, fabrics, and tile. Say goodbye to overused subway tile and say hello to fresh geometric shapes and patterns that add dimension and interest to your backsplash. And remember when wallpaper exited the scene? It's making a comeback and can be used anywhere and everywhere. Many of my hours are spent on Pinterest as a design student and I have seen so many spaces where wallpaper is the main focus, and I love it. If you’re scared of committing to a pattern for your whole house, think of incorporating it into a small space like a powder room or an accented wall in your dining room. In a fun project I designed, we used contact paper to spice up a dark, built-in shelving system and the color and pattern added a whole new life to the space. Patterns on fabric such as throw pillows and rugs are another good way to transform existing rooms and furniture pieces in your space.

Some other key things to look out for in 2020 are hand-crafted goods, incorporating items you acquire while traveling, saying hello to more durable materials for countertops, and reintroducing antique furniture with modern elements for an eclectic style upgrade.

If you don’t know where to begin or don’t have an eye for design but you want to update your space, you have come to the right place. Timber & Tide wants to help you stay on trend and maintain that Twenty-Twenty Vision for the upcoming season of design. Contact us to see how we can help with your project, update your space or manage and market your vacation rental. We are ready to kick off the New Year, are you?

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