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Trends we are Fall-ing for this Holiday Season

Guest Blog Post by Danielle Hernandez, Interior Design student at SCAD - The University for Creative Careers

We are right in the middle of October and despite the weather still permitting very nice beach days, it’s time to get in the season! The perfect way to kick off the fall season is by checking out what decoration ideas are trending right now and what you can do to make your home cozy and ready for celebrating!

The best place to start is from the minute you walk in the door, or even right before the door. Hanging up a holiday wreath is one of my favorite ways to decorate the exterior of my home. They add color, class, charm or holiday spirit in the easiest way possible! Adding a wreath to the front door makes it nearly impossible to ignore the holiday season, it’s the first thing you see every time you come home!

INSPO FROM: @randilynnblog

Other ways to spice up the front porch are by adding some festive pumpkins! Pumpkins bring a beautiful touch of organic color to brighten up your front step and truly set the mood for fall. Try mixing up colors to add new life to an age old tradition. White pumpkins are very in this season!

Inspo by: Magnolia and lace

*Pro-Tip for if you have littles: Instead of carving pumpkins, try painting them! They won’t turn as quickly and you can still have a fun time crafting and painting your pumpkins.

Check out www.pmqfortwo.com/diy-painted-pumpkins for the step-by-step!

Pumpkins are also a perfect way to unify the exterior of your home to the interior of your home. Since they are a classic fall staple, pumpkins can be put all throughout the home to add some holiday flare! They are the perfect accessory to dress up your fireplace mantle with or they make a lovely addition to a dining room center piece!


INSPO from: www.mylifefromhome.com

Wheat is another trending decoration piece that can be used in bouquets, wreath design, and table settings. Pick up a bunch of them to add texture and organic color throughout your home.

We love the versatility of the multiple color options and designs for painted pumpkins – what a great canvas! Whether you are decorating your home or your vacation rental, pumpkins and wheat are great options for the fall because they last from beginning of October through Thanksgiving.

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