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Travel, Vacation Rentals, and the Coronavirus

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Since news of the coronavirus emerged late 2019, the world has been sent into a spin trying to combat the virus. Every measure taken helps, and as a part of the short term vacation rental community it’s our duty to do what we can to help prevent the spreading of illness and to continue to be a respectful community as we do so.

At Timber & Tide, we do everything we can to make sure our rentals are clean and accessible for guests of all kind. We've put together some steps to take and helpful tips as we are dealing with this illness:

1. Communication is Key

If guests are worried about any conditions of the rental, responses are key to putting their minds at ease. We like to be in contact with our guests on a personal level. In our welcome baskets we even leave a personal phone number for guest to reach us at if they have any questions or concerns. Talking about specific issues regarding health and wellness is a good thing, as long as it’s done without judgement or harassment.

2. Clean, Disinfect, and Clean Again!

It’s no secret that people have germs. We had germs before the virus and we will continue to have them for the rest of time. Most successful Airbnb’s or VR stays are prided on their scores on cleanliness in their reviews. Not only is cleanliness a way to ensure good reviews, it’s very important to consider in the health of your guests! Make sure to wipe down surfaces that are often forgotten about – light switches, door knobs, cabinet handles. Cleaning is key to maintaining a healthy environment for the consumer.

3. Be Thoughtful and Respectful

Since the virus has broken the internet, people have been extremely quick to blame, accuse, reject and discriminate against those whom they feel are “carriers” or “infected”. Airbnb has been working diligently on maintaining strict regulations on discrimination outside of general precaution. Precaution is healthy, discrimination is not.

As coronavirus continues to circulate, we are seeing more and more vacation rental industries being impacted in countries where reported cases are still few, if none. As international STVR is slowing down, this is opening up more opportunities for domestic STVR companies and hosts. More people are opting out of international travel and planning on domestic travel instead. As business may grow for domestic, we need to continue to be cautious and considerate.

Vacation rentals could even be the safest option for our travel stays! Our company is making sure to take steps against the spreading of germs, and vacation rentals could be your solution to traveling if you are worried.

Here’s why:

- Fewer travelers pass through vacation rentals than standard hotels. With a lobby, public restaurants and tourism destinations, Hotels are a hot commodity for the spreading of germs. Vacation rentals have less traffic which often means more attention to detail in the process of cleaning and disinfecting between guests.

- With our rentals, guest have the independence to check in and check out on their own. You most likely know the well-being of who you are traveling with, and remote/keyless entry skips a step in the face-to-face spreading of germs when meeting with hosts.

- Vacation rentals have their own HVAC systems meaning the air isn’t being circulated into a multitude of other rooms.

- If you are worried about restaurants and the preparation of food, All of our homes have fully stocked kitchens for the ease of preparing your own meals.

- We are actively stocking our vacation rentals with extra Lysol wipes and hand sanitizer for your comfort and peace of mind during this time.

At Timber & Tide, the guest is our #1 priority. We will always take the step above and beyond to make sure our guests are taken care of and comfortable, and not just on surface-level. We care about the health of our customer, and as coronavirus circulates, we are doing everything we can to make sure we are being cautious and preventative. Stay informed, active and prepared while traveling this season!

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