• Danielle Hernandez

Tour through town with TURO

The world is being taken over by personalized ways to travel and vacation- and honestly, I am not mad about it at all. Recently I found out about Turo, a platform that works similar to Airbnb, where you rent cars from hosts that put them on the platform for use. Vacationing is becoming more personalized and simple.

By now, we all know what Airbnb does and why it’s so successful. You can hop on, type in a destination almost anywhere and find the perfect place for you. It’s insanely simple, you find places that give you the most bang for your buck, and you can choose places based on specific personal style or criteria to plan the perfect getaway. That’s why we love Airbnb and the short term vacation rental community, we are bringing all the power back to the consumer. Everything we do, style-wise, management-wise and accessibility revolves around the customer.

Turo is on the wave of sharing marketplace as well. Turo is growing all over the US, Canada, the UK, and Germany and it’s insanely simple! Head on over to www.Turo.com, type in your destination and dates, and they will find you a car best suited for your trip or need. Whether it’s trying out an electric car before making the leap to purchasing one, renting a pick-up for move-in day or finding a ride to cruise top-down through town in, Turo has the car for you!

If you’re not looking to rent, think about hosting! It’s simple and could land you a few extra bucks in your pocket!

How to Host on Turo:

1. Start by listing your car for free! There’s no sign-up charges and no monthly fees. Any and all cars are welcome.

2. You can place certain prices and customize schedules for when your car is available to be rented. Turo also has an auto-adjusting system to make sure you are earning the most for what you are offering.

3. Communication is next. When someone books your car, you can confirm a pick-up location and how to hands the keys to the renter. The Turo app allows you to check-in guests and helps you plan for when the trip ends.

4. Payment is directly deposited to you within three days after each trip. You can earn up to 85% of the trip, depending on the vehicle protection plan you choose.

Turo partners with Liberty Mutual with $1 million in liability insurance and you can choose from multiple protection plans that are a percentage deducted from our trip profit. Hosts are background checked as well as guests because the safety of the person is our first priority and safety of the vehicle falls right behind that. Turo also offers a 24-hour emergency line to its responsive customer support team.

Just as Superhosts are a vital part of the Airbnb community, All-Star hosts are vital to the Turo one. In this blog, we wanted to highlight Ivan, an All-Star Turo Host in Savannah!

Ivan joined in November of 2017, has a total of 16 cars on the platform and has had over 1,000 trips. He is rated with 5 stars on the platform!

All in all, it’s super easy to host and allows for another way to earns some extra cash while you are providing customizable and simple transportation for your guests! Try Turo out for yourself and get started hosting today!

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