• Danielle Hernandez

More Than Just a Vacation Home

It’s safe to say that the last three weeks have been crazy for the world. COVID-19 has taken over and we have all been affected in some way or form by this virus. Whether it’s sickness, canceled graduations, on-line school, job loss, shelter-in-place laws—you name it, and I can guarantee everyone has been or knows someone who has been affected somehow.

Even with the craziness of the world, Timber & Tide has been doing our best to show that our properties are more than just for vacationers looking to spend some time in the beautiful Savannah, Georgia. Downtown Savannah might be quieter than normal, but our vacation rentals are still open! Our rentals are still available!

Now I’m sure you’re wondering, “If we are not supposed to be traveling, why are they marketing their rentals to an audience that can’t help?” Well, I am here to tell you that there are more benefits to vacation rentals than just a place to sleep once you’re all adventured out for the day on your family trip.

Stuck at home and have no quiet places to retreat to when you need to work, take conference calls or even just breathe? Renting an STVR for a few days could help refresh your mind, give you a quiet place to work and recharge you for the upcoming week of unexpected online difficulty. Consider it a "social isolation staycation"! Blue Magnolia is the perfect rental to relax in and get some work done with its calming blue and white interior and luxurious finishes!

Need a place to self-quarantine? A vacation rental is a perfect place to do so. You can rent a private place all for yourself to take the necessary time to self-quarantine without worrying about affecting anyone else in the process. Metal Oak is a great spot to self-quarantine! The property is even equipped with a game room for entertainment!

My dad recently got home from traveling abroad in South America and upon his arrival back to the states, my family booked him an Airbnb to self-quarantine in. Airbnb was able to offer an affordable and comfortable place for him to stay in. He had all the amenities of a home rather than just being cooped up in a hotel room.

Vacation rentals are one of the safest and most comfortable options for you in this time, here’s why:

- Fewer travelers pass through vacation rentals than standard hotels. With a lobby, public restaurants, and tourism destinations, Hotels are a hot commodity for the spreading of germs. Vacation rentals have less traffic which often means more attention to detail in the process of cleaning and disinfecting between guests.

- With our rentals, the guests have the independence to check in and check out on their own. You most likely know the well-being of who you are traveling with, and remote/keyless entry skips a step in the face-to-face spreading of germs when meeting with hosts.

- Vacation rentals have their own HVAC systems meaning the air isn’t being circulated into a multitude of other rooms.

- If you are worried about restaurants and the preparation of food, all of our homes have fully stocked kitchens for the ease of preparing your own meals.

- We are actively stocking our vacation rentals with extra Lysol wipes and hand sanitizer for your comfort and peace of mind during this time.

We are taking extra precautions to clean and disinfect our rentals. Your health matters to us. You matter to us. We are here to provide a safe refuge for you to retreat to. A comfortable place to quarantine in. A space to do work in. STVR’s are more than just vacation rental properties. STVR’s have to be more in times like this.

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