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Learning and Growing Together

Recently I watched Richard Fertigs’ sit down episode with Heather Lough on his STR University YouTube Channel. The video was a 30-minute long interview with Lough about her success as a cohost in the industry with tips on how she has built up her business and remained successful.

Along with this video I watched two other videos from Fertig regarding some unfortunate events that have happened recently in the Airbnb and STVR community. Wanting solely to be informative, I will only be giving the facts of the incidents. 5 people were killed at a California Airbnb House Party and VICE uncovered a Nationwide Scam on Airbnb. I will link the videos I watched below if you would like more information on the two events that occurred.

From hearing about these events and watching the interview with Heather Lough, I have realized that as a business that deals with people and hospitality issues we have a lot of growing to do. We need to work together to make changes over all platforms.

Lough mentioned how much attention to detail she pays when she lists any property. It’s about making people feel at home and safe. Making sure all their needs are met and exceeded beyond expectation. We have a vital connection to our customers in making them have a wonderful experience overall and that experience is always elevated when we include safety as a number one priority. As property owners, it’s extremely important to care about your customers, listen to their feedback and be willing to grow and change.

As a community, we are always striving to be better. We are always trying to elevate our services and take every aspect of our business to the next level. Better services, upgraded utilities, heightened experiences, ways that we can be better. We are reaching to get there. We need to take a step backward I think and get back to an essential basic need while staying somewhere out of people’s comfort zone. How can we make our customers feel safe?

Airbnb is now making a conscious effort to screen properties and check the safety of them. No more scamming people out of their money and time to make a criminal profit. No more preventable incidents. Let’s be a company all about people.

At Timber & Tide, we strive to be better and to constantly be learning and growing. We don’t take safety and customer service lightly. Everything we do, we do for our guests. Every detail is important like Lough said. If you have a business/property and are struggling with customer satisfaction or bookings, we want to help you! We can provide detailed design services, advice on how to run a more successful property, or management services if you just want to pass the baton to another person. We are here to help not only our customers but the people around us who are wanting to make our community a better and safer one.

If you are interested in checking out any of the videos or articles I sourced from and mentioned in the blog I linked them all down below.

Vice Article:


Professional Airbnb Co-host Shares Her Knowledge on How to Be Successful! (2019):


5 Killed in Airbnb House Party. Airbnb Rolls Out Major Safety Changes (my thoughts):


FAKE HOSTS: VICE Uncovered a Nationwide Scam on Airbnb (my thoughts)


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