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How To Maximize During the SCAD Film Festival

More than 63,000 people flock to Savannah each year to attend the eight day SCAD Film Festival. Award-winning members of the entertainment industry and student filmmakers alike take part in competition film-screenings, panels, lectures, and special screenings. This event is unparalleled in the region, if not the entire country.

How can vacation rental owners make the most of this influx of tourists?


If you have not done so already, you should be pricing your rentals to meet the demand of market. "Dynamic Pricing" is the term generally used to describe this, meaning that your pricing should increase during holidays and local Savannah events; but you should also consider SCAD events when you're adjusting your pricing. Commencement, Parents Weekend, and the Film Festival are some of the most popular SCAD events, and you'll be missing out on additional revenues if you choose not to adjust your pricing during these dates. For a full list of Savannah and SCAD events, as well as recommendations for the best formulas and tips to use when adjusting your pricing for these, call us at 912-527-6253.


The Savannah restaurant industry is reaching a new level of creativity, with renowned chefs and restaurateurs nationwide jumping in to the Savannah culinary scene. The newest addition, The Fat Raddish, comes to Savannah via New York City. The popular eatery in The City has taken it's philosophy of using a community-driven approach sourcing from only small product farms. It's an idea that has worked well in a number of Savannah's most popular restaurants, like Husk, and is likely to become another major player in the Savannah food scene. So what does this mean for you as a vacation rental owner during the week of the film festival? It means that, if your guests haven't booked their dining reservations far out in advance, they could find themselves wandering the aisles of Kroger rather than experiencing some of the South's best culinary creations. What better way to give your guests an incredible experience -and yourself a raving review - than to offer a private chef dinner.

Offer Your Guests a Private Chef Experience with Amber Marie

Over a decade has passed since Chef Amber left the practice of law in New York City to pursue a career in the culinary field. She holds a Culinary Arts degree from Johnson & Wales University, an education degree from NYU, and has studied nutrition extensively to successfully overcome foods allergies and health issues. She provides personal chef services to both locals and tourists alike, providing custom-tailored menus, catering for small gatherings and events, and culinary nutrition classes for individual groups with a variety of tastes and preferences. She works with vegan, vegetarian, plant-based, gluten free, low-glycemic, paleo, and keto dietary needs. She consistently receives 5 star reviews from her guests, including this review from Denise G:

"Amber came to our rented home in Savannah and cooked for a group of 13. I can't even begin to describe how wonderful her cooking was. The whole experience was so special, and it truly was the best part of our trip!"

Reach out to us if you'd like to offer your guests a private chef experience for the Film Festival, or for any other time!

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