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How to be Successful During Shoulder Season.

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

If you own a vacation rental then you know what shoulder season is. If you don’t, you’re probably thinking, “What have I gotten myself into?” Don’t worry, Timber & Tide is here to help you succeed in this important rental season! We’ve compiled a list of things you can do make sure your vacation rental will be successful during this season.


To start with, what exactly is “shoulder season?”

It’s the couple months between peak and off-peak season. For Savannah, we’re heading full steam ahead into it right now.

Hopefully, this means you’re coming out of a wildly successful Summer season and it’s time for a fall refresh. (And if you had a less than successful Summer season, we can help with that, too.)


First, you’ll need to do some “housekeeping”

No, you don’t need to pull out your broom and dustpan. We’re talking about online housekeeping. You’ll need to update your current listing to specifically promote your vacation rental during this slower shoulder season. Here are three steps you should implement after peak season.

1. Take a look at your vacation rental prices.

Do you need to update them to make them more appealing to potential renters? Do you have a shoulder season rate from the past season that worked well? If not, take a look at vacation rental properties and hotels in your area and see what their prices are for shoulder season. You’ll want to stay competitively with them. Timber & Tide recommends that you price your vacation rental anywhere between 60-75% lower than your high season rate. 

2. Change the minimum nights.

This is a big one - change the minimum nights a renter has to stay at your property

The bottom line is that renters are more likely to plan weekend getaways during shoulder season versus week-long vacations. Unless your specific location requires a minimum stay, this should be adjusted to best suit these weekend travelers.

3. Update your marketing.

Get creative! What does your vacation rental have to offer during shoulder season? Look at your competitors - what are they showing off during shoulder season that you can top? Post photographs during shoulder season to show that this vacation rental is a year-round destination not just seasonal. 


Next, this is the time to make updates to make sure your property is getting noticed

This doesn’t mean you have to completely revamp your property. Just a few tweaks to help your property get noticed during this time. Here are some tips for updating the property to appeal to a renter during shoulder season:

Take a look at your property

Look at the property in general. Is your property large home with many rooms? Consider closing certain rooms and only renting out the others to reduce the rental cost. 

Second, does your rental come with actives for the season? Is your rental’s peak season during the summer but in the shoulder and low season it can experience snow? Provide your renters with the gear and accessories needed to enjoy their time there. 

Finally, vamp up your marketing tactics

This is one of the key factors in your property being noticed. We recommend that you update your newsletter to showcase the activities and attractions during the shoulder season in your area. Are there discounted tickets to attractions you can offer your renters? What can you do to make your property stand out from the pages and pages of other listings? By being creative with this, we are sure that your shoulder season will be successful and profitable.

Not sure where to start? Give us a call! We’re happy to set up a complimentary consultation to go over how to make your shoulder season (and every season after that) the most profitable one yet.

After all, nobody does vacation rental management like Timber & Tide.

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