• Danielle Hernandez

Holidays made easy with Timber & Tide

We know you’re busy during the holiday season. Either you’re making food for all of your guests to enjoy, running around getting gifts and treats for every occasion or planning a big event. Whatever it is you are doing, Timber & Tide is here to help relieve some of the holiday stress. This year we are excited to announce that we will be offering holiday design services in a variety of ways. We are here to take some of the work off your hands- while giving your home a decorator’s touch!

Need some Low Country holiday decor for around your home or a thoughtful gift for someone you love? Timber & Tide is selling handmade magnolia wreaths or garlands and gold oysters; Two design staples that are very popular this holiday season and will make your home cheery!

Timber & Tide is also here to help relieve some Holiday party planning stress. Have a holiday party or event coming up and need some decorating advice? Give us a call and our decorators can help make your events super festive.

Have some worn-out decor that you don’t know what to do with anymore? Let Timber & Tide help you revamp your existing decor. Everyone wants their home to be cozy and inviting for themselves and their guests. We will give you styling advice and walk you through ways to give your old decor new life this holiday season.

We want to make the holidays less stressful for you. Give us a call to find out more specifics about the services we will be offering and how we can help you make your holidays beautiful and bright!

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