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Creating Long-lasting Customer Relationships and Ensuring Property Success

Customers in any industry are extremely important but especially in ours. Our business thrives off of word of mouth, great reviews, and excellent customer service. Timber & Tide has compiled a few steps to ensure long-lasting relationships with customers and reoccurring bookings.

Talk to your customers

Customers book vacation rentals for a variety of reasons. Price, location, and amenities are all important things on a customer’s checklist, but most importantly they are in the area for a reason! Get to know your customers and why they are staying in the area. Odds are, if you have a vacation rental you know your way around the area. Offering restaurant recommendations, activities to do or sights to see while your customers are in town is a good way to show them that you care and want them to have the best experience while they are staying with you. Take time to know them, why they are coming to the area, and how you can make their trip better. Connect with the customer so they will stay connected with you for future trips.

Know who is staying at your properties

Who is renting your property the most? More times than not you would like to see your property being rented by everybody however if your property attracts a certain demographic try to cater to what would suit them best! Do you often see family booking fun vacations? Stock up your property with toys, board games and a list of family-friendly activities or events to do in the area. Couples retreating to your property on a romantic getaway? Include a bottle of wine and list of perfect locations in the area for a nice date night. Making your guests feel known and preparing a nice experience for the customer will make an impact on them and encourage continued relationships moving forward.

Ask for Feedback

Feedback and reviews are extremely important for our business. Five-star ratings and positive feedback attract more buyers and appeal to more people heading out on vacation. It’s important to talk with your customers and listen to the feedback they have. A good way to get feedback is by offering a survey to your customers after they have stayed with you. Ask them everything. How were the sheets? How was the parking? What about price for the location? Anything you want to know from the customers’ point of view you should include in the survey. Keep in mind, surveys are more likely to be completed if they are fairly short and sweet! If you are having trouble getting your customers to take the survey, try offering incentives such as a discount on their next stay. By having your customers give you their feedback you’ll be able to make changes as needed to your property, ensure that future guests have an exceptional stay and gain more customers in the end.

Need more help or ideas on how to get to know your customers better? Timber & Tide is here to help. Contact us today for help making your property as successful as it can be!

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