• Danielle Hernandez

Blow Up The Game

We're quickly approaching 2020 and vacation rentals have firmly taken hold of the travel accommodation industry. Companies that do things the way they've always been done are falling the way of the dinosaur. Taking their place are companies who understand the fast-changing nature of the vacation rental industry and are able to quickly adapt to new trends among vacationers. To succeed in this ever-changing market, vacation rental companies and owner-managers alike need to consistently stay ahead of the game: do things their competitors are unwilling or unable to do - or have never done before. They need to consistently disrupt the playing field, or "blow up the game."

How can you do this with your property without breaking the bank?

Incorporate Influencers

A growing trend is offering popular Instagram influencers free stays at a property, in exchange for a "styled" photoshoot, which the influencer posts on their social media, giving the property exposure. The influencer will also then additionally promote the property and their stay on their social media accounts, bringing continued exposure to the property.

Buy Local

Vacationers love to feel like they're truly experiencing the city in which they're traveling. An easy way to help them feel this connection is to offer local products in your rental. For example, providing local hand soaps or welcome platters featuring local goodies.

Branded Products

What better way to help your vacationers remember your property than by leaving them a branded item- something as simple as a coozie or a magnet- to take back home with them. Then, any time they grab a cold drink or look at their refrigerator, they're reminded of your vacation rental and the incredible memories they made there. This is a great tool to help gain re-peat bookers.


In tourist-centric locations, vacationers are always looking for great experiences and tips. Partnering with local tours and activities gives you an additional differentiation from the competition.

If you're looking for a customized approach to help you stand out from the competition- give us a call. We'll schedule a complimentary consultation where we discuss your specific goals for your property. We'll run data analytics to take a look at your property's performance compared with the neighboring competition. From there, we'll create a customized approach to help you meet the goals you have for your property.

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