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Best Practices for Increasing the ROI of your Vacation Rental in 2019

The Sage House: Your Victorian Oasis in the Starland District, Savannah

Here are 8 of the top trends and activities that will bring the best return (and happy guests) to your vacation rental this year.

1) Update your property listing photos: If you've made changes to your rental in 2018, showcase the updates with professional photography. The price is usually between $125-$150 and is the easiest way to gain new eyes on your listing. When you work with Timber & Tide, we come with the photographer to stage the photos and give guests an idea of the fabulous time they will have. We also place those photos on our website, Facebook, Instagram and use them to market your home beyond the major listing sites.

2) Create a Facebook page, Instagram account and Webpage: Consumers have a general expectation nowadays that an accommodation they are interested in will have a FB page where they will find more information, reviews, photos and videos as well as local events and recommendations. If Timber & Tide is your property manager and marketer, a portion of the rental commission goes to construction and maintenance of those sites. We also encourage you and guests to #, like, follow and upload photos and videos. It's a team effort! Plus, as a Timber & Tide client, your vacation rental receives it's own, beautiful webpage with booking calendar. Like this one:

3) Put your Vacation Rental on the Map: If your vacation rental is not appearing at the top of the search results, there are things we do to put you there. By adding your property to Google My Business, you let Google know that you belong on their map pack. This also helps arriving guests find you via your house name on Google maps.

4) Enter the world of email marketing: The power of email marketing is to send information that is of value to your readers so they will think of you when they are considering another getaway to your city. Capturing a guest's email and permission to email can be challenging these days. That's why we've built it into our processes for you. Returning guests are great guests. We help you cultivate that relationship with targeted email campaigns.

5) Update your vacation rental Welcome Book: Once you have guests coming to your vacation rental, the next step is to wow them so they will write great reviews, tell their friends and return again in the future. Keep your Welcome Book updated, clean and with reminders to #, like, follow and share. Consider going high tech (and earning additional revenue) with a e-Welcome Book from YourWelcome.com

YourWelcome Tablet

6) Welcome guests with a Gift: Speaking of Wowing guests, when visitors arrive at your rental, what better way to let them know you appreciate their business that by having a gift waiting for them? It doesn't have to be expensive. It's all about the gesture. And we've negotiated great deals with local vendors on Welcome Baskets that can be customized for each guest or simply reflective of your home and location.

7) Streamline your check-in and check-out process: It's a good idea to have a continuous quality improvement process for your vacation rental. For ease of guest access, safety and protection of your home, assets and guests, 2019 is the year to add keyless entries and automated responses to inquiries, check-in and check-out procedures if you haven't implemented those yet.

8) Offer your guests truly unique experiences: This is the primary reason travelers book vacation rentals over hotels. The challenge is that it's hard to do unless you live next door. Timber & Tide has curated a great selection of guest experiences and our Guest Experience Managers are here to help your guest have a thoroughly enjoyable stay. (This is also a way to add another revenue stream as well as increase the safety for your home, assets and guests.)

The Bachelorette Experience by Timber & Tide

To learn more about how to run your vacation rental as a profitable business, give us a call at 404.217.4148- we're happy to help!

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