A Proven Method to Sell Your Home

Home staging is the most effective way to showcase your home in its best possible light. It allows potential buyers to envision themselves living in the home and opens up the possibilities for what that life could look like. When you stage your home, you take the first step in selling your home faster and for more money. Our staging results consistently smash the average in cost to stage, list price, and days on market.

The Timber & Tide Difference

Deciding to sell your home is an emotional choice. Your home is where your son took his first steps; where your daughter learned how to ride a bike; where you celebrated life’s victories and pulled yourself back up after life’s disappointments. When you sell your home, you’re selling the space where some of your most important memories were made – and where someone else will make theirs. When a potential buyer walks into your home, you want them to feel the same connection you felt when you first walked into your house. That is where we come in.

We stage your home to celebrate its distinctive voice. We help it shine by highlighting its best attributes and we work with you to create a warm, welcoming environment for a potential buyer walking through the door. And, in the end, buyers can feel the difference. Which is why our staged homes sell far faster than the average and for a higher price.


Some Of Our Recent Staging Results:

We Beat the Averages Every Time - And For Less Money


  • Listed for 20% higher than market value after staging was completed
  • Staging cost .08% of final list price
  • Home went under contract in 4 days


  • Listed for 10% higher than then original planned list price after staging was completed
  • Staging cost less than 1% of final list price
  • Home went under contract in 3 weeks for full price


  • Listed for 34.6% higher than market value after basic upgrades and staging was completed
  • Staging and upgrades combined cost 2.3% of final list price
  • Home went under contract three times faster than the average Days On Market for the area



Staged Homes Sell Quicker and For More Money

On average, staged homes:

  • Spend half the amount of time on the market as non-staged homes
  • Sell for 5-10%  more on average than non-staged homes
  • Attract more buyers and agents for showing and open houses
  • Are more likely to be appraised at full value
  • Are more likely to be found by Home Inspectors to be in good condition
  • Appeal to a wider variety of buyers
  • Are easier for agents to market

When homeowners spend between 1-3% of the homes asking price on staging, they generate an 8-10% ROI, according to a survey from the National Association of Realtors (NAR).

Buyers Say Staging Is Most Likely To:

  • 81% : Make it easier to visualize a property as a future home
  • 46% : Make buyers more willing to walk through a home viewed online
  • 45% : Positively impact the value of a home decorated to buyers' tastes

*Based off a survey from NAR. You can find the full results here.


Ways We Can Help:

  • Creating a great first impression
  • Crafting the your home's perfect story
  • Social Media Marketing
  • De-cluttering
  • Organizing
  • De-Personalization
  • Rearranging existing furniture and accents to show them in the best light
  • Bringing in new furniture
  • Making your landscaping pop
  • Creating your home's own webpage 
  • Photographing your home
  • Videography of your home, including drone footage

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